Mandals have the ability to maintain a certain state of mind for each individual. They help people learn something about their character and what it instills – emotionally and mentally. Choose one of these six mandala, the one that attracts you most, so find out what it reveals about you.

Mandala No. 1 – Generosity and Morality

You are trying to be the best version of yourself. You have lofty ambitions and standards. People find it hard to cope with you, and sometimes even you yourself can make it harder for your company. You work hard, but only for your own good – you want the world to make your home a better place to live. When you want, you want with your whole heart, but only until the moment someone hurts you. But you still want to love, only more carefully. Few people appreciate what you do.

Mandala number 2 – Fascination and truthfulness

You are a responsible person and want to care for other people. You believe in honest things and it’s just your responsibility to take responsibility. You have a good character, you inspire people around you and have a lot of confidence in you. Your personality is positive, quick and witty. You are always full of interesting stories and people want to hear you.

Mandala number 3 – Mind and thinking

You are a great thinker, and your thoughts and ideas are very important to you. You are pleased to think about your theories and views. You are introverted, but want to associate with people who are like you, that is, who are prone to thinking and learning. You are very thorough and spend a lot of time thinking about morality. You are always trying to do the right thing, even when most people do not agree with you.

Mandala No. 4 – Wisdom and Philosophy

You are really special, rare people are like you. You are very intuitive and a bit strange. People often do not understand you, and it hurts you. Personal space is very important to you, as well as the ability to develop creativity. It is important for you to respect you too. You can say that you clearly see everything around you, and the light and dark aspects of life. You are very sensitive.

Mandala number 5 – Courage and order

You are very independent, and your motto is “done everything yourself”. You only trust yourself. You know how to maintain your own power of the spirit, as well as the power of the spirit of those you love. You know very well what you want and you are not afraid to fight for it. All you ask of other people is to be honest with you, because you are always ready for the truth, no matter what it is.

Mandala number 6 – Gracefulness and sensitivity

You just have to build relationships with other people. You have many friends and want to beautify your lives. You have a warm and bright aura and people feel relaxed in your vicinity. You always think about how to improve something on yourself – you want to be more interesting, deep and unique. The feeling that someone wants you is more important than the majority of people. You are ready to want, even those who do not respond to your love.

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