There are several versions of a popular baby with boiled eggs, and for you we have set aside the most intense, which is based on reduced carbohydrate intake.\

To avoid monotony that is a common cause of a child’s failure, you can include some other foods on me.

In fact, the recommended food, apart from eggs, chicken, turkey, fish, fruit, vegetables with little carbohydrates, vegetable teas without sugar and water …

This diet significantly reduced the intake of carbohydrates, while bread, pasta and potatoes are strictly prohibited.

For three months of adhering to this diet regime you can lose up to 30 pounds!

One of the most promising promoters of this child is Hollywood actor Adrian Brody, who has lost 15 pounds in preparation for the role in the film “Pianist”.
His version of this child was as follows: he ate eggs for breakfast, fewer chunks of grilled chicken for lunch and a piece of fish with steamed vegetables for dinner.

An example of a diet plan:

2 boiled eggs and 1/2 grapefruit

Roasted chicken without skin and green salad.

Omelet with 2 eggs with spinach and tomato.

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