The fight for posterity has become the commonplace of many couples because of the many health problems and way of life they can not get a baby.

Lauren Varneford had 18 abortions and spent 90,000 euros for artificial insemination, but managed to achieve her role as a mother in the 48th year of life and gave her husband Marco, 55, a child after 16 years of struggle.

– Even after 16 years, doctors have discovered that something is wrong here. They diagnosed that I have “killer cells” that attack and destroy an embryo that is only a few weeks old. We decided to stop trying in 2010 because every time I was pregnant, my pregnancy ended in 14 weeks. I was constantly hoping and disappointed.

I could not stop crying every time my abortion happened. I could not go through it anymore. But 5 years later, I decided to give myself the last chance and to go for a donation of embryos in the Czech Republic in 2015.

Then a real miracle happened, I stayed pregnant and managed to give my son William in 37 weeks with a caesarean section. 18 long years since we started working on a baby. Now they often do not call his grandparents, but we are delighted to have received our child, she recounts.

-18 abortions and 90,000 euros. It’s crazy. I’m no longer young and I can not run after him while playing, but it’s worth it. Now we are the perfect family, and I finally feel full, she said.

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