A new record of the ancient lost city in the middle of the Pacific has prompted another theory that mythological Atlantis could be real.

Thanks to technological advancement, archaeologists will be able to fully explore the destroyed city Nan Madol, writes Jutarnji list. The last episode of the series “What’s on Earth?” (What on Earth), which is displayed on the Scientific Channel, displays images from the air of the detected area.

The city is perched on the canals under the influence of the tide and it is also considered “Venice of the Pacific Ocean”.

– It seems that Nan Madol represents the first settlement in the Pacific island history. If you ask me, Nan Madol at the peak of power was the capital, the seat of political power, the center of the most important religious customs and the place where the most important leaders were buried – said Mark McCoy, research leader.

Nan Madol was the capital of the island of Saudi Arabia, which built stone structures and walls for several centuries. Nan Madol was the seat of the Saudeleur dynasty until 1628, and is considered a building and architectural wonder.

The name of the city literally means “space between”, and refers to channels that have been mapped to coral platforms. As it is written on the site of Smitsoniana, the buildings contain about 750,000 tons of black stone and a complete mystery of how many pieces have been spent.

The city was discovered in 1928 and has largely influenced the writer HP Lavkraft who admits that his fictional city R’lyeh from the Zov Kultuo story was based on it.

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