All those who are in a long romantic relationship are secretly expecting their partner to kneel before them and ask the most important question: “Will you marry me?” You may not have thought much about it and simply leave the time to make your magic, but if you are interested in whether he is planning something, then pay attention to these trifles …


1. You are constantly boasting and obviously proud of you

It remembers you and your successes to all your friends and relatives. He rejoices as if he were his.

2. Sacrifice for you and your relationship

For you, he is ready to move to the other end of the world. And, let’s not talk about how to skip any training and will delay friendship with your friends just to be with you. But you would do the same for him, and he is aware of it.

3. You are one soul in two bodies

You have many similar views of life, similar career considerations, family and plans for the future. You want the same things, you understand well.


4. Do not try to change you

He loves you with all your shortcomings and advantages and does not try to change you into something that you are not.

5. Can you imagine marrying

When you mention marriage, it does not cause discomfort to him, but lures him a smile on his face. Sometimes he first starts the topic.

6. You have been separated for more than a month, but you have survived

It was tough, sad and frightening, but you have overcome the worst period.

7. For him, the words “you miss me” are not just an ordinary phrase

When you are separated, it always sends you a message or calls to tell you that you miss it and that it wants you.

8. He loves his living space, but he also sees you as a shining partner in him

He wants to have his own peace, his corners and his friends, but your presence does not disturb him, but he sincerely rejoices.

9. When something happens to him, the first person with whom you want to share it is you

Talk to your friend, quarrel with the boss or a good joke … You are the first person to say it to. Whether it’s something good or bad.

10. Plan with you something that will happen in the next 6 months or more

Together you make plans for an annual holiday or a weekend trip over the next summer. It clearly shows that both of you intend to stay together.

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