Since 2017 is approaching the end, we have prepared a fun psychological test for you. In front of you is a picture of 6 different doors. Choose which door, in your opinion, looks most appealing and you would first open it, and we will reveal how your choice affects the end of this year for you. Come on, pick a door, then get started.


Door number 1

The battles that you were leading remain behind you as you enter the new year full of opportunities and amusements. You will be concentrated on solving the problems that you have and finding the best solution for any situation. You will start the new year feeling blissful and passionate. You will clear up all the dilemmas that you had in the last year and focus on the things that 2018 had prepared for you.

Door number 2

Your new year will start with a change for the better. All your uncertainties and fears will be set aside while preparing for the changes that you expect to see with yourself. Just turn around and you will smile at the year that remains behind you and you will welcome what has yet to happen with open arms. For you, 2018 is a promising year, full of pleasure, love and enthusiasm.

Door number 3

You will be looking forward to 2017 with pleasure. You will get rid of the tension and tension in which life put you, and you will be ready every day of 2018 to meet you full of trust and love. You enter the new year with the hope that you have not had before. Radiate with self-confidence and attachment. You will be brave and open as never before.

Door number 4

The year ahead is full of victories, satisfaction and love. You will say goodbye to your last year’s pessimism and you will welcome the optimistic changes and decisions that await you. You will show self-confidence in each fight. You will finish the year feeling better than ever before. You will believe in your instincts and will be persistent in solving any immediate problem. You will only see good things in yourself and in others.

Door number 5

You will remember 2017 with a smile knowing that you are waiting for better things in 2018. The next year brings you new friendships and pleasure in all walks of life. The next year is filled with changes that will influence you to develop and shine. You will complete this year knowing that you are expecting much more happiness than you could ever imagine. You will get rid of the painful past and enter the new year full of harmony and peace.

Door number 6

You will end 2017 at the top! And, 2018 you will be full of love and devotion between you and your fellowmen. No matter how currently you are content in life, 2018 will bring you more joy and achievement than you could imagine. You are blessed because life prepares you wonderful things.

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