The top 10 prophecies of Nostradamus are expected to happen in 2018!

The prophecy of Nostradamus has been studied for centuries by great scientists, and many of these prophecies are still unresolved.

Some people think that each vision is a puzzle that needs the right parts to be resolved.

Even skeptics believe that Nostradamus’s predictions are pure fantasy, some experts in his prophecies are convinced that half of them have already been realized.

What do the Nostradamus prophecies predict for 2018?

Nostradamus’s prophecies for 2018 foresee some terrible events that will completely change our planet from what we know today. The French prophet thought that in 2018 the dead would rise from their graves, and the world would have to face change in the nations, and there would also be natural disasters that would shake the world. Here are some prophecies of Nostradamus for 2018.

A prophecy for Donald Trump was fulfilled

In the “Les Propheties” the victory of the last president of the United States, Donald Trump, is predicted: in the 40th circle it was written: “A fake trumpeter will force Byzantium to change its laws.” The scientists believe that the prophet used the term Byzantium for Greece , the country from which migrants come to Europe.

In fact, Donald Trump fought against migrants in his election campaign. In chapter 57, it is written: “A fake trumpeter will cause great disagreement. The agreement will be terminated, and the face of milk and honey lies on the ground. ”

With these words, Nostradamus mentioned in Israel, which is so called in the Bible: “The land flowing with milk and honey.” This means that Trump’s election could have caused the end of Israel.

In the end, the 50th part says: “The Republic of the Big City”, the United States will be from “the trumpeter brought to engaging in expensive military operations” and “the city will repent”.

This happened in Syria during the attack on Trump.

Nostradamus foresaw the Third World War

Between these parts of the book “Las Propheties” there is a section that announces the most devastating Third World War.

Nostradamus announces that during these years a great war will begin and begins with the terrorist attacks that took place in France and the invasion of Arabs and Muslims, the prophecy says: “The Great War will begin in France, and then the whole of Europe will be attacked, long and terrifying for everyone … and then there will finally be peace, but only a few will enjoy it. ”

Other verses read: “For misunderstandings and negligence, there will be an open clue to Muhammad: blood immersed in the land and the sea, the harbor of Marseille will be covered with ships and boats.”

Then he speaks of Rome: “There will be many Cossack horses that will drink from the Roman fountains, a fire will fall from heaven and destroy three cities. The city will lose faith and rule Antichrist, Rome will disappear, everything will probably be lost and there will be only murders, there will be a noise of swearing and weapons. ”

These words, written 5 centuries ago, are terrible, as some of the events have already taken place.
2025 will be the beginning of a long period of peace.

The Prophet announces the Third World War and thinks it will lead to many deaths, bloodshed and destruction, but also predicts the end of the war. According to his vision, 2025 will be the year that will light the world and this will bring peace and tranquility. The prophet ends his part with the following words:

From the ashes of destruction, peace will be born again, but few will enjoy it.

Are these predictions realized or not? We can not know, but we feel tension in the air and we are afraid of the fact that the great prophet predicts what will happen.

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10. Great eruption of Mount Vesuvius

Nostradamus predicted a massive volcanic eruption in 2018. The volcano lies on Mount Vesuv in Italy and destroys the Earth “every five minutes” and will end between 6,000 and 16,000 lives. Of course, we are all aware of what happens when volcanoes hit Italy.

9. People will talk to animals

This is already happening; We heard about dozens of animals, mainly monkeys and chimps, who are trained to communicate using words like human beings. However, Nostradamus’ expectations this time include pigs, they will join dolphins and dogs and become friends with people. Nostradamus’s predictions show the vision of scientific and biological development, because the genetic mutation will make people capable of communicating verbally with animals.

8. The biggest earthquake to hit the earth

We are all aware of the catastrophes and ruins that earthquakes caused in China, Haiti, Italy and, of course, Japan, leaving thousands helpless and without homes. Nostradamus spoke of a major earthquake that would hit Earth.

However, what Americans worry about this earthquake is the fact that he will not hit the distant eastern part of the world as before, but the western world, especially in the western United States. His strength will be felt in countries around the world.

7. Economic repression

Naturally, natural disasters and wars affect the economy and politics. So, in 2018, it witnessed a major economic collapse that led to several deaths of businessmen, because “rich people are dying many times,” Nostradamus predicts.

6. People will live for more than 200 years

Do you expect people to live for more than two centuries, with all the smoke, waste and pollution affecting the environment? “The advancement in medicine will increase the life expectancy of people, which can be at least 200 years. A man of 80 years will look like a man of 50 years and so on. ”

In fact, the expected life expectancy in some developed countries is an average of 80 years. There will be many people who will be over 100 years old. In addition, it should not be neglected that cosmetic surgery has allowed people to extend their youth. However, excessive plastic operations have led to disasters.

5. Right to parenthood

You may be surprised or potentially shocked if you are faced with a law that requires you to have a license or birth certificate to have your child. Yes, there are speculations about parental permissions. However, 2018 comes only in a few months, so we will see what will happen to such controversial issues. “Those who want to have a child will have to have a license or license. They will not be able to act at will, “Nostradamus said.

In fact, China has already established such a law, formally ending an uncontrolled birth in an attempt to take control of the population. Some governments are trying to implement the same policy set by the Chinese government.

4. Global warming

The climatic catastrophe will hit Earth and dry the glaciers. The visionary warns that “the King will pillage the forests” (uncontrolled cutting of the forest) and that “the sky will open and the fields will burn from heat.” We can see what happened to the glaciers in Montana and Canada. Therefore, this can be considered. Global warming!

3. Language differences will disappear

What defines the nation more than its mother tongue? Yes, that was exactly what Nostradamus said. He foretold that languages ​​would die out and that the world would restore its old status to the tower in Babylon. In addition, people will use motor language, as we today use computers. Obviously, nationalism shows signs of dying.

2. The end of taxes in the West is nearing

President Donald Trump has shown signs that he will cut taxes. In addition, several good European parties are now collecting voters, they will also cut taxes, trying to work on economic progress
And now, are you ready for a great prophecy?

1. Third World War

Speculation is caused by the fact that the two dominant world powers, the United States and Russia, are in conflict. As Nostradamus said, “the war will begin between two major world powers and will last 27 years. The moment of great violence will coincide with the appearance of a comet in the sky. ”

“Nuclear terrorism and natural disasters will destroy our planet while a giant planet does not reach the Earth.” After considering this description, we can fully acknowledge that Nostradamus actually had a vision of the World War II at that time. Of course, the United States will gather its allies, while Russia will cooperate with China and with smaller countries, and the world powers will turn against each other.

Although some incidents from this list have already shown signs and actually came to the scene, we, the people from all over the world, want to live in peace, in a world that is not disturbed by wars, disputes and battles for power, land and goods. All we can do is to accept our humanity and create a world of peace.

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