You can discover a lot of things about human nature if you observe the person’s body. You probably already read what your hands or nails reveal to you, but did you know that your chin can help you to find out the most things for yourself? So, what are you waiting for? Take a mirror and look at your beard. Does it have a square shape or a curved shape? Take a look at the picture, choose your beard shape and read the analysis …

Find out what reveals the shape of your chin for your character

1. Square beard

People with a square beard are aggressive, direct and stubborn. They do not know how to express their emotions. They are very proud and often know to offend other people.

2. Short or narrow beard

People with this beard are intelligent and witty. They think only of themselves and have a critical and neurotic nature. They do not have good self-analysis.

3. Long beard

People with a long beard are loyal, relaxed and sociable. Most often, they have a large family.

4. A curved beard

People with a rounded beard are positive and very emotional. They have to work hard in the first part of life to enjoy happiness later.

5. A strong beard

People with a prominent beard are full of self-confidence. They are constantly working and do not know how to strike a balance between professional and private life.

6. A beard is drawn

People with a drawn beard are popular and easily earn money. Unfortunately, many are undecided.

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