Reading blocks is very old and dates back to the 17th century. It is believed that our work contains the knowledge of who we are, so if we can read it, we will understand this knowledge much better. In the past, people believed that the bumps were the signature of the planets. It’s easy to believe in this because of the impacts of the planets on Earth. For example, the moon affects the tides, so it is possible to have an impact on our lives.

First check the faces of your face, then look at the diagram and find out which number they correspond to. Watch only the bumps that are alone. If you have freckles on your face, you do not need to look for a number for them. The same applies to acne and stains on the skin. Below find the meaning of each position.

Position 1-3

As a child, you were a rebel and a free spirit. You were creative and you worked best when giving you freedom. In general, your superiors want the approach you have to live. If you have a bumper on these positions, it’s much better for you to be your own boss than to work for someone. It’s good that you have the fortune to work that way.

Position 4

You are impulsive and charismatic, but it can become difficult for you to have too many options. You want to argue, but you rarely get angry. You have an explosive temperament you should work on. When you do this, you will become calmer for yourself and others.

Position 5

The bumper of this position is a sign of wealth, but you will earn it hard. A fortune that would gain should keep it carefully because many people will be jealous and they want to take. Do not be too confident to others. Follow your instincts and be careful. Never allow others to manage your finances.

Position 6

This bumblebee is a sign of intelligence, creativity and artistic ability. Your talent for art can bring you wealth, fame and success. This is also a sign of wealth that you will receive only if you follow your heart. Success is inevitable if you are brave.

Position 7

The demeanor of this position points to disputes with your family that will cause you sorrow and misfortune. This will have an impact on your work and life. It is advisable to sort out all the problems with relatives in order to have peace later.

Position 8

This is not a very good position for the bumper. Your financial situation will always be bad because you spend too much. You may also have a desire for gambling. You must know when it’s time to stop. Also, people who have this shoe want to flirt with both sexes. Be careful when showing your charm to avoid trouble.

Position 9

This position of the robot points to sexual, but also other problems. It is often associated with an accident.

Position 10

If you have this block, you are very lucky. You are constantly surrounded by family and you will have many children and grandchildren. You always have the support of your loved ones and you will always be satisfied, both materially and emotionally.

Position 11

This bumper indicates that you are susceptible to disease.

Position 12

This position is a sign of a successful, but also a balanced life. You have a chance to be not only rich, but also familiar. Although you will have the opportunity to live a glamorous life, you will opt for a comfortable home and family. Women with this fragment are really happy, but very attractive.

Position 13

Your children can cause you many problems. The connection you have with them is not good. It is important to learn to be patient.

Position 14

This block indicates food problems. You may be allergic to many foods, or eat too much.

Position 15

You are a person who is constantly on the move. You want to discover new things and new places. You are not happy when you stay too long in one place. Enjoy your travels and adventures.

Position 16

You need to look out for the diet and your sex life. These are your biggest problems. You may have difficulty with weight, and this will make you depressed. You want romance, sometimes with more people. But because of your morale, you may feel guilty about this.

Position 17

You are active on the social scene and you are an excellent interlocutor. It’s possible to over-brag about your success, and this may be bad for your reputation. Be careful because your self-confidence comes from the opinions that others have for you.

Position 18

You are on the move. It is possible to travel a lot in your life, but you need to look out for more distant journeys.

Position 19

You are lucky with the money, and you have many good friends. Your weakness is that you easily succumb to the charm of the opposite sex. This can cause problems, so be careful.

Position 20

This bumblebee can be a real happiness or an accident. It is a sign of great glory or embarrassment. You are creative and intelligent, but your talents can be used for bad or good. You are not a person who forgets and forgives. This block is a sign that you will be remembered either as a very good person or as a real tyrant.

Position 21

This position is good because it shows that you will never lack food. Also, this gem is related to fame and recognition.

Position 22

Your life is always nice, and things are going according to plan. You can easily become a famous athlete if you have the passion for it. This bumblebee is also a sign of authority and power, so I would be a very good director.

Position 23

You have a high IQ. You have great survival instincts and you will have a long and meaningful life. You will be active in your old age. Friends and family will be with you for the rest of your life.

Position 24

You will achieve great fame and fortune in your youth, so it is advisable to use this to ensure comfort in old age. The life of people with this block can become more difficult over the years.

Position 25

You will easily make progress in life, but be moderate. Keep the tradition in your behavior and you will have a long and fulfilling life.

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