By evaluating and studying your own nature, you can discover key qualities and facts about your personality that contribute to a successful love life. Then when you become truly aware of yourself, you will be ready to open up for love. When you know what to expect from you, you will know what to expect from your partner.


Imagine the next situation. You enter the coffee shop and you see three empty chairs on the counter. Which stool will you choose to sit? That stool is not usually a car seat. It determines what kind of partner and lover you are.

The tower on the left – real, but fun in love


You are an open, sociable and real person. You have great self-confidence and do not allow negative thoughts to occupy your mind. Also, you blindly trust your partner and give him the freedom he needs and deserves. However, in return you expect a lot. You want him or she to make as much work as you do.

You know that no feeling can last forever. One day you are happy, another sad, and the next again happy. You are a real person and you know that love is not a fairy tale. You accept the fact that love can not always be honey and milk, and you are ready to accept all the minor shortcomings that come with it.

Considering the work you put into the relationship, it sometimes frustrates you when your partner can not hit you or just read your thoughts. However, you are open to communication and accept the fact that everyone wants in a different way and that everyone is different. You want to tell friends about your partner and to praise him.

The middle pole – loyal and dedicated, but not obsessive


You are a person who can control very well. Once you fall in love, your mind, body, and heart are dedicated only to that person. You give yourself up completely, even when it leaves you vulnerable. It shows that you have trust in your partner. You are completely changing and becoming sensitive to the people around you.

You will always be with your partner in difficult times and you will support him. Grunting, crying and running away from problems are not your style. Talk with pleasure until you bring a conclusion that will make both of you happy.

As you change your love, you become gentle and sensitive. All that your partner will do without your knowledge, making big decisions or choosing a choice, is hurting you. Another advantage is that you do not forget things. Not only those who are good for your relationship, but also for yourself.

The bar on the right – initially scared, but later confident


You are a person who is initially mysterious. This is because you are afraid to open your partner, perhaps because of a bad previous personal experience or observing the people around you. However, when you are finished, you are the ones who make the most effort in the relationship. You are looking for just simple things, such as honesty and transparency. Do not tolerate lies.

You are a passionate lover, although you are initially afraid to put all your feelings in, because you are full of fear that you will be hurt. Be careful not to be a bad thing, but be careful enough not to pull the other person away from you.

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