The researchers finally managed to find the remains of the “Chilean Titanic”, 95 years after it sank.

The IATA ship was carrying over 400 people and sank in 1922 on a relationship between Chile and the United States after flew into a strong snowstorm.

For the last seven years, experts have been searching for the remains, and now they have finally discovered them along the northern coast of Chile.

Scientists hope this would lead to settling the story of the notorious ship, as well as attracting more tourists in that area.



The Ithaca ship participated in the Pacific War (1879-1883) before it was sold to Vaporeso in 1922. It has since been used to transport goods and people to the US-Chile relationship.

But the journey that coincided on August 28, 1922 for Itah was pale. Just hours after sailing, the ship flew into a strong snowstorm that swallowed up.

Only 26 people survived and they managed to reach the shores. However, the precise location remained a mystery until this discovery.

– It’s great that we managed to find it. What follows is a documentary, said Carlos Cortes, one of the project’s researchers.

Moreover, the research on the remains that have not been found will continue.

“This will continue with the necessary permits for respecting those who lost their lives,” added Javier Selanes, another scientist who took part in the project.

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