Fifteen thousand scientists from around the world have issued a “warning to humanity” about the dangers that lie ahead.

The first warning with 1,700 signatures arrived 25 years ago from the Union of Concerned Scientists, but experts say the situation is much worse than in 1992, but that the soon-known problems are significantly worsened.

Mankind still faces an existential threat from the consumer of limited resources from an ever-increasing population, and scientists, media and lazy residents are not fighting against it, according to a new letter published in the journal Biosciences.

If something is not undertaken soon, there will be a catastrophic loss of biodiversity and unlimited quantities of human misery, the statement said.

From the first letter, until now, only the ozone layer has been improved, and everything else has been worsened and there is not much time left to influence things. There is hope, but humanity does not make us near to what is risen, so we will soon be unable to influence our destiny, scientists add.

Apart from the abolition of ozone-depleting chemicals, the use of energy generated from renewable sources has increased. It is far more harmful than the damage to the planet.

“Time is running out. We need to understand that the Earth is our only home. “

Scientists also warn that they do not expect catastrophic climate change, massive extinction of species, destruction of forests, lack of drinking water.

– Mankind has a second chance. By not controlling our unequal consumption and jeopardizing the future, we do not realize that the constant rapid growth of the population is based on many environmental and social threats. Failing to adequately restrict population growth, we should re-examine the economy of rooted growth, reduce the greenhouse effect, stimulate renewable energy, protect the population, restore ecosystems, prevent pollution, stop the loss of animal species and restrict invasive species, in fact, we are not able to take the necessary steps to preserve the endangered biospheres, an expert said by eco-leader William Eyiple of the University of Orego .

The warning was signed by 15,364 scientists from 184 countries.

“Those who signed the second warning do not raise a false alarm, but indicate that we are going down the path of responsibility,” Ripple said.

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