It’s hard to keep on being positive. We all have bad days sometimes. Whether you’ve forgotten the keys, you’re late at work, or you missed the bus, it’s normal that such things affect your mood. But the most important thing is not to transmit the negative energy of people around you.

Although you can influence your behavior, you can not control the other person, so it’s possible that someone will convey the bad mood to you. It’s inevitable that you run into frowned and negative people. In such a case, it is best not to react, but leave your karma to take care of them.

If someone pushes you and takes your turn, you are screaming for unjustified reasons and the like, do not let it ruin your day. Stay calm and believe in the power of karma. If you have lost faith in her actions, the following quotes will remind you that everyone gets what you deserve …

“You will never become such large venom as karma.”

“The true face of people will show up over time. You may be fooled at the moment, but be patient and wait to see what will happen. ”

“Karma is the best character assessor.”

“Some people create their own storms and then get angry when it’s over.”

“Sooner or later, everyone is sitting at a banquet for consequences.”

“The only thing you need to know about the circle is that it always turns.”

“Karma is like an eraser. You can put it right up until it comes back and does not clap your face. ”

“The behavior of other people is their karma. Your reaction to him is your karma. ”

“The Karma just sharpens the nails and completes the drink. It will appear briefly. ”

“Everything you do will get you back.”

“Stop being annoyed by bad people.”

“Just remember that all the troubles that other people will cause you, sooner or later will be returned to them.”

“Never regret that you were good with the wrong people. Your behavior tells you everything about you, and they say enough about them. ”

“The bus under which the enemy will throw you will turn and hit the pavement.”

“Karma never loses addresses.”

“If you need to choose between doing good or being right, choose goodness and never make a mistake.”

“Fools take a knife and stab them in people’s backs. The wise men take the knife, cut their chains and get rid of the fools. ”

“People who create drama by themselves deserve their karma.”

“People who use other people as climbing scales will lose balance one day.”

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