Buying a coat is a great investment. Therefore, you need to take the time and try models until you find the ideal one for you. The shoulder line is the most important and you can not change it. Length is also important, but most models can be truncated. Here’s what you should pay particular attention to.

8 things you must know before you decide to buy a coat

1. Width

When you try out a coat, wear two layers of clothing, a blouse and a thin sweater. Your coat must be comfortable. If it’s narrow, try a larger number or other model. If you wear a jacket, wear it before wearing the coat.

2. Movement

Make sure you’re free to move. Drive, lift your hand, and so on. This is usually feasible when the coat is large, but in this way you will lose the female silhouette. Therefore, it is worth taking time and looking for a model that is convenient for you and it fits well.

3. Length

Select the coat length according to your height. Low ladies are best suited for coats up to the knees or shorter. Tall women can wear coats of different lengths. Models up to the knees are the best, look nice with a skirt and pants, and those who are shorter look best with trousers.

8 things you must know before you decide to buy a coat

4. Shoulders

Each coat should end on the edge of your shoulders. Models that are wider than the shoulders will lose the feminine line, and those who are shorter will seem to be small.

5. Sleeve width

The sleeves should be graceful and not too wide, but still enough for you to wear two layers of clothing.

6. Length of sleeves

The sleeves should end approximately two to three centimeters along the wrist of the arm. If they end up on the wrist, they are short. As for the sleeves with a length of three-fourths on your hands, it’s best to end up between the elbow and the wrist.

7. Decay

Regardless of the model and the material, the coat must fall well, create a beautiful silhouette and have a beautiful vertical line that is nowhere broken.

8 things you must know before you decide to buy a coat

8. The collar is also important

Medium length reverb models fit everybody. You should be careful not to select too many children’s models, and the elbows that resemble those on the shirt are suitable for models that have two rows of buttons. The high collar and shawl appear attractive, but only women who have a longer neck suit them.

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