According to a statement by the Washington police, Vincent Phillips, 52, was soaked with gasoline while he was sleeping. He managed to escape from the house and set himself on fire to the nearby neighborhood to call for help.

The customers watched him burning with disbelief and shock. A salesman called 911, after which the doctors arrived and took Phillips to the Harborview Medical Center to treat burns.

Security cameras at the local gas station have shown that Mrs. Hedman …

visibly upset, bought gasoline just hours before the incident. Hedman was arrested. She confessed to the police that she had set fire to her after she caught him raping her child.

The husband is hospitalized and is under intense care due to severe burns, under police surveillance, after which he will be detained on charges of pedophilia. Doctors in Medical Harbor Harborview said he was “happy that he was alive at all.”

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