Life in every age has its own beauty. Life brings its own beauty and its own troubles at any time of life. Read these short but wise advice today for all women over 35:

No matter how good and fantastic the fun, do it to wake up in your bedroom.

Between a piece of cake and cupcake, always select a glass of water.

If it is midnight, and you must wash your hair, depilate it and the like – always choose the dream. Because you can put jeans and get your hair in a coat. But nothing and no one can mask the tired face and the bad mood. Always choose a dream.

Travel! Use every opportunity to do so. New insights are a good way to gain experience.

Before you begin to evaluate the situation, you must first ask yourself: “Is this my job?” Then close your mouth and continue on your way.

The truth is not born out of trouble, only migraine. You will save both money and nerves if at the right time you say: “Yes, yes, it is …”

A few days in solitude work better than visiting an expensive spa.

No man is worth it to be after him in uncomfortable shoes.

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