Shamans are ordinary men and women who can make contact with their higher consciousness. They can communicate in specific ways that are impossible for other people. Shamans pay great attention to the causes and consequences of life.

The Wisdom of the Shamans: There are 4 primary causes of disease

We are all aware that our bodies pass through various transformations throughout life. The body can get sick as a consequence of a number of things, such as accidents, viruses and deadly diseases. From the Shamanic point of view, all these things are only consequences, and we must get to the root of the problems.

There are only 4 primary causes of disease. These causes are not bacteria and viruses, but our internal state. In the following, read about what’s going on …

1. Loss of soul

The loss of the soul is a very big problem, whether you are aware of it or not. This is the most serious cause of diseases that can be lethal.

2. Chronic fear

People who suffer from chronic fear are very susceptible to illness. This is so, because fear kills our ability to function.

3. Spiritual intrusions and haunting spirits

This happens when a man lacks a spiritual protector. This happens as a consequence of the negative thoughts that create an opening in the body. If you suppress things and do not express emotions, you may face spiritual incursions.

4. Disharmony

This happens when people lose their relationship that was very important to them in life. For example, this often happens when one of the two elderly spouses dies. Disharmony makes people vulnerable to many negative things.

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