Sharon Everett, 22, from Wales, was excited that she would give birth to a second child and give her brother Mika his three-year-old daughter.

However, during delivery, there have been complications. She gave birth to Nick, but her heart stopped working. Luckily, 68 minutes later, doctors managed to revive it.

Shannon then put it in an indication of coma. When she was awakened two weeks later, she shocked her family and friends. She first began singing “Like A Prayer” and then “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, which often played in the background. When she opened her eyes she said: “I was above the rainbow.”

It was soon found out that she had lost her memory, she did not know she had children or a fiancee.

– We went to the hospital and waited for us to go home with the new baby, and now we have another one. Shannon needs care. She constantly called me “Mommy”, and when we asked her where she lives, she told us the address we were living when she was 13, says her mother Nicole.

Now that she was released from the hospital, her mother and her fiancé John care about her. And she promised to her mother that she would soon see her in a wedding dress and with him in a hug.

Shannon does not even recall his three-year-old daughter, so Joan works to rebuild their relationship. The most difficult thing for them is that the canon is difficult to connect with just born Nick.

– Damage to the brain and damaged vision. Unfortunately, almost nothing is seen. She only recognizes shadows, says her mother.

Shannon is still attached to the shopping cart, but the family hopes to learn how to go. They can already, they say, take a few steps.

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