Have you tried to really notice the shape of your face? Unless you have a unique form, you probably do not pay much attention to it. Surely all of your faces look round. But there are many different faces. The form, among other things, can show you which hairstyle would cost you the best, as well as to reveal something interesting to your character. Discover your form and see what it says about you.

1. Diamond

(1) formata-na-vasheto-lice-mozhe-da-vi-kazhe-mnogu-za-vashiot-karakter-kafepauza.mk

The face of these people is wider in the middle and narrower at the forehead and chin. Stars like Taylor Swift and Keira Knightley have this form. These people are greatly cope with the words and have very good communication skills. In addition, they are both perfectionists. This is a great feature for the workplace, but sometimes the desire for success can lead to excessive pressure.

2. Oval person

(2) formata-na-vasheto-lice-mozhe-da-vi-kazhe-mnogu-za-vashiot-karakter-kafepauza.mk

If you have an oval shape, then your face is longer than it is wide. This form is most common and preferred because of its proportionality. People with this face are pragmatic and often have too great expectations for themselves and for others. Stars like Beyonce and Elizabeth Taylor have this form.

3. Square

(3) formata-na-vasheto-lice-mozhe-da-vi-kazhe-mnogu-za-vashiot-karakter-kafepauza.mk

People with these faces have a pronounced jaw and broad forehead. This form has Cameron Diaz and Angelina Jolie. These people are born leaders and better deal with stress than others. They are also witty and always complete big projects to the finish.

4. Heart

(4) formata-na-vasheto-lice-mozhe-da-vi-kazhe-mnogu-za-vashiot-karakter-kafepauza.mk

If you have such a person, your forehead is wider, and your beard is slimmer. This form is considered mathematically the most beautiful. It’s no surprise that these people have a big heart and are really creative. They can sometimes be stubborn and always stand on their own. Reese Witherspoon and Scarlett Johansson have a heart-shaped face.

5. Triangle

(5) formata-na-vasheto-lice-mozhe-da-vi-kazhe-mnogu-za-vashiot-karakter-kafepauza.mk

People with this form have a larger jaw on their forehead. They are very passionate and really creative. This also comes with sensitivity. Jennifer Aniston and Tyra Banks are the famous ladies with this form on their face.

6. Rectangle

(6) formata-na-vasheto-lice-mozhe-da-vi-kazhe-mnogu-za-vashiot-karakter-kafepauza.mk

People with this form have long and thin faces. They are very intelligent, but they may have problems with over-thinking. Because they are great thinkers, they are also known as planners and often drift away from their feelings. Women like Sandra Bullock and Sarah Jessica Parker have this face shape.

7. Circle

(7) formata-na-vasheto-lice-mozhe-da-vi-kazhe-mnogu-za-vashiot-karakter-kafepauza.mk

People with this form look really friendly and this is not far from the truth. They are warm and sensitive. These are the people who easily create new friendships. These people often have to be protected because they can be very easily used. Adele and Selena Gomez have circular faces.

8. An elongated face

(8) formata-na-vasheto-lice-mozhe-da-vi-kazhe-mnogu-za-vashiot-karakter-kafepauza.mk

This shape is similar to the rectangular, only the characteristics are slightly more generalized. These people want to follow the rules and do not take great risks. They can be withdrawn, but they are one of the best people as soon as you know them better. This form of a person has Megan Fox and Carey Underwood.

9. A triangle turned upside down

(9) formata-na-vasheto-lice-mozhe-da-vi-kazhe-mnogu-za-vashiot-karakter-kafepauza.mk

This group of people includes Ann Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried. People with this form have a big forehead, but an even bigger heart. They are really good and easy to befriend. The problem is that sometimes people find themselves too friendly.

10. Trapezoid

(10) formata-na-vasheto-lice-mozhe-da-vi-kazhe-mnogu-za-vashiot-karakter-kafepauza.mk

These people have clearly expressed facial features. They want to do things on their own and do not seek help from anyone. Other people are always looking for help from them. Their sharp lines may make them look hostile, but it’s worth getting to know these people. They are great friends as soon as they decide to open you up. Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez have this form of face.

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