The granddaughter of grandmother Vanga, who died 20 years ago, predicted that

“Europe as we know it will not exist after 2017”. Many nowadays in “Bregzit” see the fulfillment of her prophecy, but also the many other prophecies about the end of the world!

– In Europe in 2017 there will be almost no life, the continent will seem devastated and ruined. Europe will be almost uninhabited, and before that will happen a series of disasters – predicted the prophetess Vanga, whose visions were realized in almost 85 percent of cases.

Now, following a referendum with which the British voted to leave the European Union, the world’s media speak of the “Balkan Nostradamus” as they call it because of its prophecies.

– Vanga predicted that such a Europe will no longer exist after 2017, and what is “Bregzit” except the end of the old continent what we know? That woman predicted the terrorist attack on the twin towers in America on September 11, but also the creation of the Issam state. He predicted that the population in Europe will be almost zero because of the invasion of Muslims who will try to conquer it. The crisis is everywhere in Europe, and now Britain is leaving. Her words must be taken seriously, British Express warns, as well as a growing number of European media.

The first signs of the apocalypse

Vanga is not the only one to have “black” visions for Europe. The Armageddon that awaits the Old Continent is mentioned even in the Bible.

– It says there are kings from the North and the South whose collision can be fateful to Europe. Britain’s emergence from the EU could be precisely that clash, citing English sites that are religious.

How far this has gone far is the speculation that emerged yesterday, according to which the British queen was worried as the end of the world approached! If you can trust the sources that have entrusted to the English BBC service team that found themselves near British Queen Elizabeth II, she intends to abdicate if Britain leaves the EU!

The Queen shocked the BBC

– We were beside the queen as she waited to hold her speech in Parliament. He was very angry, saying that if the “bargity” happened, that the end of the world is almost certain and that a Third World War will begin! He said that World War II was just a children’s game in that it did not wait if Britain did not stay in the EU. She wanted to warn her subjects of danger, but did not allow her. He even said that he would surrender the crown and leave forever from Britain if it happened – apparently this was quoted by Queen Elizabeth of the astounded BBC team.

The end is getting closer

The possible disintegration of the EU worried the United States, and this is demonstrated by the example of the American priest and pamphletic prophet Paul Biggie, whom “braggit” means returning Jesus to the earth.

– Everything happens according to God’s will. “Bregzit” is a sign of disintegration, the end is near! If Britain votes to leave the EU, big changes follow. There will be a global financial crisis and chaos, Bigley said in a video address before the referendum in Britain.

Gloomy controversies – End the world after the church council of Crete

A number of gloomy controversies follow the Pan-Orthodox Cathedral in Crete, where the Russian, Bulgarian and Georgian Orthodox Church canceled their participation. According to some beliefs, this gathering is the beginning of the end of the world, and is held after more than 1,200 years. The critical date of the collection, that is, the day when the representatives of the Paolochian churches departed to Crete, was on June 16, 2017, because according to the assumptions, it represents a diabolical number due to the three six. Metropolitan Pythagoras Seraphim warned that this council can be decisive for mankind.

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