Princess Diana’s life tragically ended in 1997 when she died in a car accident. However, behind it I could have secrets and rumors that did not go out of the light of the day.

One of them is the lost daughter of Diana, which rarely remembers.

Avanti, a girl from India, Diana “adopted” her during one of her numerous trips. Diana visited India in 1992, and Avanti for the princess performed the traditional dance, dressed in an Indian costume.

Contrary to all rules and protocols, Diana took her 3 year old girl into a hug. And she said, “I do not have a daughter; from today you are my daughter.”

Avanti today is 28 years old and she is a dancing teacher in elementary school. She admitted that when she met Diana, she did not even know who she was, but she remembered that she was very kind.

The two later corresponded, and Avanti was supposed to visit it in the fate of 1997.

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