The problem with the violation in love is that it never disappears and you can not delete it from your memory. Even if you forgive, you will never forget, and even if you decide to start a new beginning, you will always remember how things were done before or what was that person before you were injured.

Why is it more difficult to fall in love again with someone who has already hurt you?

You will not feel that first, because you will still be excited by the second chance you have and you will be happy that the universe again gives you the person you love in life. Then you are still blinded and trying to find out how much the person has changed and you are thrilled to get to know her again. This is fine until that person does something that reminds you of the injuries of the past and the broken heart, something that will make you realize that this is the beginning of the end and that everything returns to you, haunts you overnight, makes you have less confidence, your mind starts to warn you that you will be hurt again and in the end you will be a fool whose heart is broken twice by the same person. When these feelings arise, you will realize that aroused love will never be pure, but it will be marked with the blood of the old wounds and it will make scars. You will realize that you can not truly love this person and you can not give her your whole heart, because when you did this before, it was broken.

The problem with the return of the same person who has already hurt you is that she is able to do it again, because she already knows in what way. And the pain is much greater when it comes from a person who has previously caused it. You fall in love to find joy in everyday moments, but sometimes, when giving some chances to some people, you become cautious, instead of allowing yourself to enjoy things. You become stubborn, instead of sensitive, you test it more and thus reduce the beauty offered by love.

Why is it more difficult to fall in love again with someone who has already hurt you?

When you realize that things will never again be the same with that person, because you have already hurt yourself before, you may have to forgive them without falling in love again, giving a chance to another person. Do not let the wrong people stay too long in your life. Learn how to want again. You may need to give the first chance before giving the latter.

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