After the news about the engagement of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, at the first photo shoot we had the opportunity to notice her ring ring, but something else came to our eyes.


It was the strange gesture of the prince who was “captured” on the photos, with his hand placed under the button of the jacket.

Many noted this move, which has been a main topic for several days and requires explanations for him in terms of the meaning of body language.


Experts have divided opinions about this, someone thinks it is vague, another opinion is that it’s a habit, and thirdly it’s completely coincidental.

What is interesting is that this is not the first time Prince Harry has done this, so probably the coincidence theory is vain.

This topic was popular, when with the same gesture was photographed at the meeting with Melanie Trump, and there are photos from earlier that are also “caught” with fingers inside the jacket.


According to Tracey Brown, a body language expert, Harry’s behavior can be a combination of two things:

“First of all, it’s very likely to be a habit. He has been spotted this many times. He hides the part about the vital organs and protects them, which means he is not very comfortable in this situation – and who would have been with so many photographers around and people who analyze his every move? “

According to another bodybuilding expert, Blanka Kob, this gesture is the way Harry “raises the shield” in such situations in public:

“The hand of Prince Harry set on the abdomen serves as a barrier to separate or distancing from something that causes him an unpleasant feeling. In this case, it may be photography. Also, he can show that he not only protects himself, but his loved ones in the vicinity, in the case, Megan Markle. This behavior is also identified by turning hair or tapping with the leg and I believe that the prince may not know he is doing it at the moment. “

It seems that, no matter what Prince Harry is a public figure who all follow for a long time, he still tends to deal with attention from the media and the lungs, which is quite justified.

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