Usually people eat bananas because of the health benefits they offer. Some of us eat bananas because they love and enjoy the taste, while others try to maintain the high levels of potassium in the body. This healthy fruit also allows you to get the right amount of vitamins, with the rest of the substances that our body needs. But what kind of bananas are you most likely to eat? Your answer can help you find out exactly what you are entering into your body.


Each banana color comes with its own unique advantages. When struggling to keep blood sugar, green peanuts are a key part of our daily diet.

What about the strong and yellow bananas ? They are usually very healthy for eating. They have a sweet taste. The body is easy to digest.

The antioxidants present are able to protect our body from various diseases when the banana is completely yellow. The yellow banana is also rich in antioxidants and is a great choice for patients who are struggling against severe tumors.

Brown spots are a positive indicator. This means that the banana will help eliminate various unwanted cells in the body, especially abnormal that can lead to cancer.

Bananas that are soft and brown may look as if they have nothing to offer. Bananas with this color tend to be much sweeter than their lighter counterparts. But they also come with their own special advantages. They contain tipofan, which is good in reducing stress and anxiety. And they are also rich in various nutrients that help in the health of muscles and bones.

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