The owner of a pharmaceutical company arrested for bribing doctors

We thought that we would never experience that day when the owner of one of the pharmaceutical companies will finally be arrested for running a criminal cartel. However, that day also arrived.

“The US federal authorities, after a series of allegations Thursday, arrested the billionaire, founder and owner of Insys Therapeyics for bribing doctors and medical clinics in order to prescribe the drug under the name of Subsys to their patients.

The dependence on opioid-containing drugs, after carrying out the research, brings 64,000 lives a year in the United States.

The Department of Justice issued an accusation against John Kapoor (74) and seven other current and former heads of pharmaceutical companies that carried out racket, national conspiracy and deception towards doctors and medical clinics, while at the same time forcing them to illegally distribute Subsys, the spray it produced their company, which is used as a cure for pain in patients with cancer. The stock price of this company fell to more than 20 percent after the arrest, according to the “New York Post”.

Capor resigned as chief executive of the company in January over an ongoing federal investigation into his Subysys (painkiller) product containing fentanyl, a synthetic opiate that causes great dependence.

Fentanyl is more than 50 times stronger than morphine, and consumption of only two milligrams is enough to cause fatal overdose in adults.

The series of arrests followed only hours after President Donald Trump officially declared an epidemic of pharmaceutical opiate in countries as a national threat.

Prescription drug prescription caused 64,070 deaths in 2016, which is more than the number of lost American lives throughout the Vietnam War.

When the epidemic of opiate use is developing more and more US states have begun to keep opiate doctors and opponents responsible for over-prescribing these painkillers that cause great dependence.

“We will raise a great lawsuit against people and companies that have hurt our citizens,” Trump said on Thursday. She also spoke on the program of the Nancy Reagan initiative under the name “Just Say No”.

“More than 20,000 Americans died last year from overdose of drug-containing drugs, and millions are dependent on those opiates. Nevertheless, some medical experts are working to harness addicts instead of trying to help them, “said Secretary of State Geoff Session, in a statement.

“This Ministry of Justice will not tolerate it. We will not spare anyone, from street traders to corporate executives who illegally contribute to the epidemic in this country. And under the direction of President Trump, we are fully committed to defeating this threat to the American people. ”

President Trump declared war on the pharmaceutical industry

Assuming that Trump will continue to fight with the pharmaceutical cartels and with the monopoly of health care that destroys the American people, it can be assumed that more and more pharmaceutical companies will face legal consequences because of their participation in mass media killings the Americans with the help of dangerous and deadly drugs.

And the vaccines and their relationship to autism promoted by the American Center for Disease Control, pharmaceutical companies and mainstream media are in question. When these medical frauds and corruption are cleared, dozens of pharmaceutical representatives will end up in prison.


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