We were all in a relationship that we were sure to pass the test of time, but then crashed.


What causes can lead to the edge of the collapse of unity, which persevered for decades and whose harmony many envyed envy?

A recent study has been done why people who were together for 20 years and more decided to separate.

Lack of sex

 Sex is important. If you want to survive for more than 20 years, you better try to bring news in the bedroom.

Problems with money

If one person is overly controlled with finances, or if one person is spending money, and the other has different views on how money should be spent, conflicts are born.

Empty nest

There are numerous examples when couples stay together for the children. Do they know how often it is terrible for children? After the children leave, they no longer have a common thread.

Poor communication

Long links require a tone of talk. If one of the partners switches off, then the connection fails.

No compromise

The phrase is well known: “You can communicate as much as you want, but communication will not work if you do not make compromises.”


Cheating definitely destroys every relationship. How to restore the lost trust?

Lack of common interests

If you do not want the same things with your partner and you do not have similar interests, the chances that you will have nothing to talk about are soon overwhelming.

Tragedies that make it difficult to function together

Some really difficult things can happen in life. Family tragedies, death of loved ones, relocations, careers in the careers can be points where they are broken.

One person is in complete chaos

Bad habits of one person like alcoholism, laziness for work, indifference to the home can be good reasons for ending.

Lack of respect for the partner

Paying attention to the other and taking care of his needs and emotions is essential in every healthy relationship. The intense moments where you feel like some of the first meetings bring a passion in the relationship.

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