If you think that the universe does not suit you with the messages you send, you are lying. The universe constantly sends you messages, but you need to learn to recognize and understand them. One of the most important fuzzy, but interesting signs that you can get from the universe is the phenomenon of dejavu.

Find out who is the most interesting sign you can get from the universe

What is deja Vu and what does it mean?

Dejavu is a feeling that you have already experienced something or have been in a certain place. It’s about something unique that differs from everything else. Wake up in the morning, another ordinary day, nothing special happens to you, getting ready for work and suddenly hitting you! You have a strange strange feeling. You already experienced this before!

Dejavu is a topic that has been ignored for a long time, and even considered something frightening and strange. But, although there is no official explanation for this phenomenon, there is a high likelihood that the feeling of a repeat situation, an event or a place is a sign that it is something of great importance to you.

The universe is trying to make you stand up and think about it. He attracts your attention at some point. It’s about something that you would otherwise not notice. Of course, you should understand this as a sign. But the problem is that it’s very difficult to decipher this sign.

What should you do if you experienced deja vu?


Above all, you need to get rid of the psychic so that this phenomenon becomes clearer. Only then will you understand what the universe is trying to convey to you. You must have noticed that this strange feeling disappears very quickly. This is so, because your mind is overloaded with other things and you can not use the moment to see the message. You must turn off the mind for a moment and turn it on again.

Listening to Brainwave music can help you do this. In this music there are special tones and impulses that automatically transfer you into a state of complete relaxation. Do not worry! It’s not about boring, traditional meditation. You do not have to sit in the uncomfortable “lotus” position, trying to imagine something. This will not last too long and you do not even have to wear a headphone if you do not want it.

You just have to comfortably place yourself, relax and let the music do its job. You may at times need to repeat this many times, depending on when the next dejavu will appear. Repeat until you feel that you have made the most of the music. In addition, Brainwave music will help you get rid of stress and lift your energy level. This means that this music is excellent for everyday life, and not just the moments when you are looking for signs from the universe.

Find out who is the most interesting sign you can get from the universe


Write down everything. Take a “Dejavu” diary. Just like dreams, you can forget this phenomenon as soon as it happens, so write down as many details as possible:

  • What happened?
  • Where have you been when that happened?
  • In what period of time did it happen?
  • What have you seen?
  • What have you done?
  • Who were you with?
  • What were you thinking about?

After a while, you may find that there is a similar theme in all the cases. You may always be with the same person when this happens. Then, perhaps it means that this person is your soul mate or may show you the right path in life.

Also, compare your desirable notes with your wishes and visualizations. Is there any connection? In the end, pay special attention to your feelings. Dejavu is a very strange feeling, so it may be difficult for you to explain how you feel. But try to see the overall mood. Are you excited? Frightened? Are you bored?

For example, if a deja vu happens to work and you feel frustrated, it may be a sign that you are not where you should be and that it may be time to find a new job. On the other hand, if you feel excited, it may be a sign that you are on the right track. Do not forget to be open-minded. Gather all the facts, and then just start analyzing them.

If you are desperately trying to see a particular sign, you will probably see it. So the law of attraction works. But that will not be the right sign. Sometimes the universe is trying to warn you that you should not do what you want to do, so give it a try. Do not be quick to conclude. Over time, you will receive your answers.

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