We can discover many things about a person on the basis of things that fall into her eyes. What you will first notice is actually your true personality and features that more or less reveal to the world and the people around you. An interesting psychological test is in front of you. Take a look at the picture and remember what first came to your eye. Then read what it reveals about you and which occupation you need to dedicate.


Butterfly – creative and optimistic

You are a creative person who has a lush fantasy. You always see things from the front side and you give them strong support when they are sad or unhappy. Although sometimes you may feel a little depressed and burdened with constant optimism, you deeply know that it is very lucky. The best work for you includes writing, painting and creating.

Face – introverted and intelligent

You are a very intelligent person. You always see the details to find out why something does not work and how to do it better. You always find the best and most effective ways to solve problems and others may experience you as a perfectionist. Your introvertedness stems from excessive stimulation of your mind when you are in between people or in crowds, because the ability to see details draws your energy. The best work for you involves analyzing, calculating and engineering.

A flower or two aliens kissing – dreamers with a free spirit

You are a person who wants to fantasize. You are thinking out of the box and getting ideas that nobody would have condemned to think. You do not want to be bound in one place, one link or anything that limits your point of view. You want adventures, try new things and learn new topics. The best work for you involves research, travel or experimentation.

Body – sensual and open

You are a very social person. You are the best version of yourself when you are surrounded by people and you are in the center of attention. You want to tell stories and share your experiences with friends. You want to move your body, dance and help others. You do not pretend to be locked in a room. You are very passionate and romantic. Not many people enjoy intimacy as you do it. The best work for you involves body movement, talking with others and negotiating.

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