Prince George and his younger sister, Princess Charlotte, were in the spotlight and looked cute together with the other children at the Pipa Middleton wedding in May 2017.


Princess Charlotte at the wedding of her aunt played the role of a little girlfriend , and Prince George, in turn, took care of the Pippa and the birms.


 And, now, according to The Sunday Times, it is confirmed that Princess Charlotte will be a small bastard at the wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle, and Prince George will also accompany the bride.

The brother and sister will accompany their uncle Harry and Megan Markle to the altar in St. George’s Chapel in Windsor’s Spring.

But while the role of little George and Charlotte is confirmed, there is still no official information about the choice of Megan’s girlfriend, although there are rumors that it will certainly not be Kate Middleton, no matter what many expected it.

According to professionals who deal with the royal family and their rules, we can not expect to see Kate as a duck, because the Duchess of Cambridge hardly knows Harry’s future wife.

Also, she would become a royal companion when her husband came to the throne and became king, so it would not be appropriate for her to receive such a function.

Since the girls are usually single ladies, the only title Kate can get is a “mattress”, which is the same as a dude, but refers to a married woman.


According to professionals, it is assumed that she would not accept this, given that she had no role at the wedding of her sister Pipa, so she would not do this for Megan.

However, the rules in the royal family are strange, and sometimes they break, so we will know the mysterious details in the spring 2018, when the wedding of Megan and Harry is actually scheduled.

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