“We must allow ourselves to be loved by the people who really love us, who really mean it. Most of the time we are blinded by the search for people we want to love, people who are insignificant, while those who really love us stand on the sidewalk and look at us as we ask in the street! It’s time to put an end to this. It’s time to let us be loved. ” – Jabel

One of the most magnificent feelings we experience in life is love. No matter how many times we have been injured, we can not prevent this phenomenon. It is a wonderful feeling that helps us to dream, gives us energy to live, but complicates our life. Regardless of how much success we will achieve in our life, our happiness remains incomplete when love is not returned to us.

A simple question that will help you find out if your partner is the right person for you

Life is not always righteous, and the psyche of human beings is very complex. In a world full of negatives, false emotions and deceit, it’s hardest to find real love. But how can we be sure that we have found the right person for us? You may think that this is an impossible mission, but there is a very simple solution that will surely help you.

All you have to ask your partner is: “Do you love me or do you love the idea that you have for me?” . A question may seem simple to you, but the answer can not be given only with “Yes” or “No”. The question will help you find out if your partner wants you because of your true nature with all the faults and disadvantages or just enjoying being with someone like you and therefore trying to keep the relationship alive.

If the answer is “Of course I love you,” relax. Your partner wants you because of your true “I”. Your loved ones have no problem talking about the things they love with you, about your qualities they attract, and claim that they are ready to go through all the difficulties, successes and falls in the relationship to be with you. Congratulations! You have found the love of your life!

But if your partner tells you he wants you because he feels nice while he is with you, it’s a warning sign. Remember that when someone says this, it means that this person only wants to be loved, to receive attention and compliments. He does not love you because of your true character, but wants only to be in love and have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

A simple question that will help you find out if your partner is the right person for you

If your partners tell you that they want you because you are very attractive or because they have a very interesting way of life, it’s also a bad sign. Such people usually consider their trophies partners to rejoice before their friends. They do not care about your emotions and your character.

You need to worry if your loved ones tell you that you are one in a million. This may sound very romantic, but you need to think about it practically. There are millions of people in the world and you are certainly not the best of them. This story titled “One / One in a Million” is nothing more than a simple flattery. If your partner tells you that there are millions of people who are better than you, but he despite all of you chooses you, that’s a sign of true love. Understand the difference between “You’re One / One in a Million” and “I’m Choosing You Among All the Million People in the World”.

Love should not be false. Love must be real. You need someone who will love you after seeing you in all the good and bad times of life that will want you every day, no matter what kind of condition you are, no makeup, scars, tears … You need a man who appreciates your love and devotion to him. No matter how many quarrels you have, you two stay together at the end of the day.

At first, life seems like a fairy tale when two people will fall in love with one another. But after the initial enthusiasm passes, the masks fall and we are exposed to the harsh reality. Many ties are dying at that moment. But if there is true love between you and your partner, you will be able to survive together. Well, what kind of answer did you get from your loved ones?

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