Many people want psychological tests. Some do it to prove something, some to understand something, and some just want to have fun or use the results as an inspiration for something they have to do. We have prepared a test that is based on the psychology of colors. See the picture below.

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Choose a tree for your garden. Be careful and listen to your inner voice. The result will reveal your hidden desires in the new year.

1. Dab


You are one of those people who think that the cup is half empty. For you, life is a great adventure full of unexpected things. In the new year you expect pleasant and important events, because you are ready for change and open for new things. You will not feel that you are limited in any circumstances and recommendations. You are full of passion for new achievements, each of which will bring you different, pleasant surprises.

2. Arish

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Independence is what determines you as a person. No obstacle can prevent you from selecting your route. With the advent of the new year, you will develop your artistic abilities. There is not much effort to achieve success in the workplace, all you need to do is stay consistent with your opinion and your principles and get what you want for a long time.

3. Maple


You are a very sensitive person. You spend much more time than other people thinking about yourself and the world around you. In the new year, in your life comes a person with whom you will build a harmonious, romantic relationship. Though you are quite enough for yourself and rarely when you are bored, your life will become much more devoted and full of adventures.

4. Almond


You are a practical and balanced person. It is pleasant to be in your company, because you are a person of trust. You are a naturally strong person, so you do not want people to see you and experience you as sensitive. So it’s difficult for you to build a relationship with the opposite sex. Still, good things are waiting for you in the new year. You will know a person who appreciates your kindness and will not try to use it.

5. Myrta


You are a self-confident person. Keep everything in your life in control and never rely on happiness, but exclusively on your abilities. You never delay things and you feel fulfilled only after completing a certain task. People around you feel the strength and love you. Thanks to your stamina and responsibility, in the new year you will be promoted, which is a logical result for your efforts.

6. Plum


You are a peaceful and responsible person. You want to spend time with friends, but you also enjoy yourself when you are alone. You need that time to think about the meaning of life and rest from the world. Although you need a personal space, a very important event is approaching to introduce a person to whom you open your soul. You will not make a mistake.

7. Lipa


You are a credible and analytical person on which people can rely. Your sensitivity helps you to understand what’s really important. People who are not as careful as you will bring in a person you really appreciate. It will be a person with a lifelike style like yours. For this person, culture plays a very important role.

8. Chestnut


People probably think that you are dreamers and romantics. You do not want to accept things rationally. The most important thing for you is that it tells you your feeling. When you stop communicating with people who think that feelings are not important and that rely solely on your mind, you will avoid them until you meet someone special. This person also has dreams and will not limit you to express your feelings.

9. Poor willow


You are an extroverted person. You want to take risk and responsibility in exchange for an interesting task. You are tired of routine and want a good opportunity to play the main role of a major event. Thanks to being active, the moment you expect for a long time just did not arrive.

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