Sculptures, wooden masks and picturesque paintings on the walls and even a mummy believed to be about three and a half millennia ago, the archaeologist found two unexplored tombs in the ancient city of Luxor.



Archaeologists consider it to be a mummy of a high ruler of the then Egyptian New Kingdom, the BBC reported.

The two tombs are located on the tribal Dera Abud Naga, known for its temples, which was built near the Valley of Kings in which many Egyptian pharaohs were buried.



The Egyptian Antiquity Ministry says the two graves were discovered by a German archaeologist in the 1990s, but that they were recently sealed.



The identity of the found mummified is not known, but the ministry states that there are two possibilities: to work for a person named Jehuhti Mes, whose name is engraved on one of the walls of the tomb, or that it is a song called Maati, whose name , along with the name of his wife Mehi is written on the wedges found beside the mummy.



The second tomb has not yet been fully explored, the Egyptian ministry says.



Otherwise, in September, archaeologists uncovered a tomb of royal jeweler near Luxor. That tomb, dating back to the time of the New Kingdom, contained a statue of goldsmith Amenamhat in a sitting position, which stood beside the statue of his wife.

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