There are only 2.5 million people in the world who are born with this condition. Unfortunately, the majority of them do not live longer than 24 hours. Krista and Tatyana Hogan were born in October 2006. Their brains are connected with a thalamic bridge, and this makes them truly unique.

They share feelings of touch, taste, and even control their limbs. Tatiana can also see through the eyes of Krista. It can also control 3 hands and 1 leg. Krista can only see from one eye of Tatiana, and can control 3 legs and 1 hand.

What is even more unlikely is that the twins have independent control over their limbs, and they can change between their sensory and motor signals when they wish. There are also visible signs that they communicate non-verbally, that is, through their own thoughts. However, although twins can read their thoughts and can control their limbs on one another, they have a really different character.

Tatiana is really conversational and open, while Krista is quiet and relaxed. Because of their phenomenal connection, these twins can never be separated because the risk of death is too high. Take a look at the next video where you will better get to know these amazing girls.

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