Victoria Sylvester, the former roommate of Melanie Trump, is someone who knows the current first lady of the United States better than the rest, and that from the time much before the beautiful Slovene became world famous.

This Swedish fashion model, which won the 1997 Playboy Playmate of the Year title, lived exactly with Melanie in the fashion world of Paris, Paris, where both came up as young models in a desire to make a successful model career.

Victoria has recently discovered a secret Melania never wanted to comment on in public. She explains why Melanie’s English is something she is constantly ridiculing, given that she has a Balkan accent, as she gave her from Slovenia yesterday.

The former roommate of the first lady of the United States is convinced Melanie deserves Mercy and her integrity and withdrawal.

– She never wanted attention. She was quiet and withdrawn. Speaking more with people and using her English, her accent would improve, but she simply did not want to try, Victoria said.

Former roommates met and talked last year, when Victoria concluded that Melanie had not changed at all.

– It’s still the same. She still wants luxurious things and continues to have a terrible accent, she commented.

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