A little known to Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip for his many staff, who are 1500 people, for Christmas traditionally give the same gift – Christmas pudding.

The fact that this tradition of donation for Christmas debt is best illustrated by the fact that this was done by Queen’s father, King George Sixth, and her grandfather, George Pete.

In addition to pudding, staff will also receive a Christmas particle, and those with longer service and gift certificates.

Otherwise, Christmas pudding is a British treat made from dried grapes, orange peel, dried fruits, black beer, rum, lemon, eggs, sugar, nuts and other foods and its preparation lasts for hours, all in order to be well preserved to could eat for months after Christmas holidays.

‘The surprising food Queen Elizabeth gives to royal staff for Christmas

This tradition is just one of many in the Bakingem Palace, some of which are quite bizarre, so, for example, there are rules that are respected for centuries.

When the queen, for example, stands, standing and everyone else. If the queen takes her last bit, everyone stops eating. It is absolutely forbidden to play Monopoly at the royal court.


The two Crowns of the Crown never travel together, and the reason is that, in the event of an accident, the kingdom would not remain without the successor.

‘Members of the royal family are forbidden to eat shells. The queen starts breakfast every morning with English tea and cornflakes.

At the Dvor, it is absolutely forbidden to use the onion, and for dinner it is not allowed to eat potatoes, rice and pasta.

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