The new Austrian government, composed of the People’s Party (OVP) and the Freedom Party (FPO), and led by Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, took an oath before Austrian President Alexander van der Belen.

Before the oath, Vienna was paralyzed by protests over the new government.

The Students ‘Association, the Students’ Association and leftist organizations called for protests.

Protesters shouted slogans against the FPO in the new government and warn that it would “bring back fascism” in Austria. Some of them said that if they should fight against the government on the streets, with strikes until it is overthrown.

Security measures have increased in Vienna.

In the new Austrian government, OVP is represented by Kurtz as Chancellor, Finance Minister Hurtvig Leiger, Economics Margaret Schrambeck, Education for Hines Fasman, Women and Family Julian Bogner-Strauss, Agriculture and Ecology Elizabeth Kastinger, for EU, Media , art and culture Gernot Blimel, as well as State Secretary at the Ministry of Interior Caroline Edstadler.

The FPO Vice President and Minister of State Administration and Sports is Hines-Christian Strakheh, Interior Affairs Herbert Kikel, Defense Mario Kunasek, Infrastructure and Traffic Norbert Hofer, Social Affairs and Health Beata Hartinger, Foreign Affairs Karin Kneel, and Secretary of State Finance will be Hubert Fuchs.

Kurz, 31, is Austria’s youngest chancellor and currently the youngest current head of a government in the world.

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