Life is constantly falling and becoming and nourishing the hope in your heart even when it looks black.



Belief, hope, endurance and trust are necessary on every occasion, so let them be your star guide in the next 2018 year.

For moments when you hesitate, these stories will tell you what their power is:

For endurance

A disciple asked his wise teacher:

“Teacher, what would you advise me if I fall?”

“Get up!”

“And the next time?”

“Get up again!”

“And how long can it last – all those falls and steps?”

“You are falling and getting up while you are alive because those who fell and did not become dead,” the teacher replied.

About faith

All residents of a village decided to pray for rain. On the scheduled day all peasants gathered in the central square, but only one boy wore an umbrella. That’s faith.

About trust

When playing with your child throwing it in the air, it is fun to laugh because you know you will catch it. That’s trust.

For hope

Every night we go to bed without any guarantee that the next day we will wake up, but nevertheless we roar the alarm clock. That’s hope.

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