Obama charges for Hezbollah for smuggling cocaine for Europe and US

The US Congress plans to open an investigation on allegations that administration officials of former President Barack Obama have pressured the Anti-Drug Agency (DEA) to stop an investigation into a large group of smugglers linked to the pro-Iranian Shi’ite terrorist group Hezbollah.

According to a research report by Politico, the reason the Obama administration sought to stop the investigation was the ongoing negotiations between the United States and Iran to stop the Iranian nuclear program.

The DEA-led investigation under the codename Cassandra Project was launched in 2008 and through it 30 US and foreign security agencies followed Hezbollah activities whose members organized the delivery of cocaine from South America from West Africa and hence to Europe, or through Venezuela and Mexico to the United States. But the US public prosecutor, who is under the direct authority of the president, rejected DEA’s requests to file criminal charges against Hezbollah smugglers, despite hard evidence that was provided for drug smuggling worth nearly half a billion dollars, part of which ended up in the pockets of the Iranian paramilitary group Quds.

Republican Congressman Ron Desanthis, who chairs the US National Security Subcommittee on National Security, has announced that he will call on representatives of the former administration to answer whether they, for political reasons, allowed Hezbollah to continue to smuggle cocaine in the United States and Europe.

– Hezbollah is a brutal terrorist organization that has American blood on its hands, and it’s unacceptable that our government take measures that will allow it to take effect further, Desanthis said.

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