Finally, the holidays are nearing us, which means it’s time to decorate New Year’s Christmas trees, buy gifts, lamps and decorations. We all carefully select the decorations, while some decide on a colorful, richly decorated tree, others decide on minimalism and simplicity. Which group do you belong to? Did you know that your favorite Christmas tree decoration reveals some of your psychological features?


Classic glass decorations

If your attention is drawn to the traditional multicolored glass decorations, you appreciate the holidays more for the spirit than for the gifts. You want to spend time with your family, especially during the holidays. You are not a particularly spontaneous person, but it does not bother you. You can find you in the kitchen at any time by preparing a tasty meal, reading a good book, or kissing with your pet.

Colorful metal decorations

If you are attracted to these old ornaments, you are a generally nostalgic person. You have vivid memories of childhood and you think that children must be at the center of attention during the holidays. People would describe you as a homemade type, but that does not mean that you do not want to spend time with friends.


Elegant glass drops

These glossy, elegant glass drops speak about your minimalist aesthetics. You have a tendency towards minimalism in other segments of life. You have several close friends who are like you and would do absolutely everything for them. Your career did not go down the road you imagined, but you’re happy here where you’ve finished.


“Do Yourself” Animal Fibers

If you like these sweet decorations, you are a person with an open mind. You are creative and want to be “your own master” himself. You want everyone in your home to be comfortable. You do not want to be in the spotlight, but from time to time you know how to get a good joke.



If you attract these little decorations, the holidays for you are winter, cold weather and snow. You always look for the positive in your life and others know they can count on you to sweeten your life. It’s not a problem for you to put the needs of others ahead of your own, which means that you are a selfless person.


Modern geometric shapes

If you like these funky, modern decorations, you are strange and unique. You want to be organized, sometimes wrong, but it helps you stay focused on the goal. All those who know you know you are ambitious. You are a natural leader and want to be constantly busy.


Traditional brass decorations

If you like these decorations from the old school, you are creative artists. You care about your appearance, because you know that it represents you from within. Sometimes you are preoccupied with trifles, but you can also see the larger picture when it needs it.


Unique decoration

If you attract unique decorations, you definitely play by your own rhythm. You dream to travel the world and your friends would describe you as “jetsetters”. Everyone knows that you are passionate and fun and that you will be great with you.

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Family decorations

If you like these ornaments, you are a grounded person. Some people would describe you as old souls. You have always been gentle, caring and mature for your years. You are very proud of your loved ones.


Decorations that represent food

If you attract such decorations, you have a playful, bright personality. Nothing can put you off, even in times of difficulty. You are excellent in giving advice and people know they can trust your opinion. You will always touch the people you love and are proud of your friendships.



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