Mandals are circles that the Buddhists use to represent the universe. There is no doubt that they hide many secret and unknown powers in themselves. In addition, mandala can help you learn more about your character. Wake up your intuition and select one mandala, and then read the results …

Listen to your intuition and select one mandala! It will reveal the power of your character

1. You are generous and moral

Your generosity is the first quality that others notice in you. When you want to make someone happy, you do not save yourself at all. You are very generous and in love, and when you fall in love, you fully dedicate yourself to your partner, without fear of being harmed. But do not forget that there are people who want to use your good intentions.

2. You are loyal and honest

You would never betray the near people and expect them to be as loyal to you as you are. You believe that every person is responsible for his actions and does not tolerate bad behavior. Thanks to your benevolence and innate charm, you easily acquire new friends.

3. You are creative

You are introverts who want to observe and reflect on the world around you. You have incredible fantasy and want to dig deep in your thoughts and escape from reality. Unfortunately, this creates a gap between you and other people who you often find strange. Use your imagination and express yourself in a creative way.

4. Your intuition is remarkable

You can always trust the intuition. Also, your dreams are unusually correct and you can anticipate events that do not only apply to you, but to your loved ones. If you want to improve this page of your character, you need to spend more time alone, regardless if others can understand your behavior.

5. You are independent and courageous

You believe that when a person really wants something, he can achieve it by means of his abilities. You rarely give up on your goals and fall into the small number of people who can say to themselves that they have achieved their dreams. In love you are often very dominant and do not want to lose your independence and freedom.

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