When choosing a gift, most women give time and think well what they need for those who give it, what their taste is, whether they have recently mentioned something they would like to buy and where they can find it. In men, buying a gift is different, they do not think until the last moment, and most often their gift is a complete disaster, because they buy it in a state of panic. But each gift has its own hidden message, and we found the meaning of the most common “quick” gifts that men buy their partners.



1. A very personal gift

For example:
  • Lance with a chain of your names
  • French chef because he knows you want to open a restaurant
  • First edition of your favorite childhood book

Meaning: I listened to you and I am aware of your desires. This relationship is very important to me and I want you to be happy.

2. Too expensive and large, megalomaniac gifts

For example:
  • A pet you never talked about
  • Plane cards for a popular destination, which you can not actually afford
  • A velvet sword that is bigger than your room

Meaning: Please, do not leave me. I forgave me that I was brazen, selfish, stubborn … I love you crazy and you will never leave me.

3. Romantic gift

For example:
  • Reservation for a romantic weekend
  • What was heart-shaped
  • Dinner in a good restaurant

Meaning: I love you, marry me. I love you and I am happy that you are my wife. I’ve never felt like this. I am very romantic and aware that women want such things.


4. A gift from a man who becomes your fiance

For example:

  • Precious jewelry

Meaning: I give you an expensive gift to be aware that I am serious with you. The next gift is a ring.

5. A gift from a man who enjoys sex

For example:
  • A superb vibrator for which he knows that he would give a lot of money
  • Gift from a toy store
  • Sexy lingerie

Meaning: I love sex with you. I love your adventure in the bed. Can we skip dinner and go straight to bed?

6. Fully personalized gift

For example:
  • Whatever your name is written on
  • Engraved gift – clock, bracelet, ring …

Meaning: I want you to know that I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, although it’s not an expensive gift. You are not like other people, so I had to give you something special.

7. Gift for shared use

For example:
  • Cooking course for two
  • Picnic for two
  • Concert maps

Meaning: I am aware that lately we do not spend much time together and I’m sorry. I would like to be closer. I want to show you that I care about our relationship.


8. The gift you requested

For example:
  • Something you directly told him you would like to have
  • Something you accidentally showed him you would like to have

Meaning: We have been together for a long time that we can say what we want for a gift. You’re tough to deal with and I do not want any additional problems around the wrong gift. I know it’s something you really want, but you can not afford it.

9. Practical gift

For example:
  • Something about the home
  • Wallet
  • New set of towels

Meaning: I’m a man, what do you expect? I bought you everything, I do not have any more ideas. We have a loan, three kids and I know that you do not mind what you buy things you need.

10. Technology

For example:
  • Mobile, iPad, laptop
  • portable battery
  • completely useless devices

Meaning: I’m aware that you want different gadgets like me. If you do not like it, I will use it.

11. An anticipatory gift

For example:
  • Perfume that knows what you want
  • Coupon for the favorite store
  • Nice, but not too expensive, piece of jewelry

Meaning: I had no idea what to buy, so I walked down perfumery (goldsmith and the like) until the salesman caught me. I’m not sure if this relationship will last, so I play for sure. I do not have a fantasy, do not hate me because I chose the easy way.

12. Designed gift

For example:
  • What was from a famous brand
  • Luxury bag
  • What was in the design “waiting list”

Meaning: I have money and I want to pamper you with gifts. It would be nice to like you, because I do not have coffee money in the next three months. I know how important you are to what you look like. I wanted to show myself.


13. Luxurious gift

For example:
  • Bundle of cashmere
  • Handmade chocolate or champagne quality
  • Sensual and expensive underwear

Meaning: I have a lot of money, but a little time and in this way I want to lend. I have a lot of money and an assistant with a genius taste. You’re worth it for every given penny.

14. A small but important gift

For example:
  • Keys from his apartment
  • A busy photo of you two

Meaning: I have no money, but every penny I will spend on you. You’re very important to me, but at this point I’m not in a good financial position.

15. A gift bought but-so, by accident

For example:
  • Cheap perfume
  • slippers
  • Store dishes

Meaning: I have too many obligations and more important things in life to spend time asking for a gift for you.


16. A gift from a man who is not interested in you

For example:
  • The same or a similar gift to the one you previously gave it to you
  • It was from a street shop
  • Something bought from perfumery that was on the action

Meaning: I did not invest any effort, nor time to buy a nice gift, because I had already bought you such things and a good afternoon.

17. A gift from a man who does not know you

For example:
  • Earrings that are completely different from those you usually wear (or do not even wear)
  • Frying pan, and rarely cook
  • Stuffed with classical music, and you only listen to rock

Meaning: I do not listen to you and I have no idea what you are talking about for twenty years now.

18. Sexy gift

For example
  • Synthetic pink underwear
  • Kama sutra
  • Uniform of a nurse

Meaning: I miss sex. Why are not you like porn movies? When will you agree to sex in a triple?


19. A gift to “work on oneself”

For example:
  • Self-help book
  • An online self-confidence course or something like that
  • Clothes in style that they like to him, not on you

Meaning: You’re lost, you need help. You do not see yourself in the right light, let me help you. It’s not my goal to criticize you, but that style does not suit you at all.

20. An adventurous gift

For example:
  • Rock climbing course
  • A trip that includes extreme sports

Meaning: I want to let you know that I am not a type of person who will sit on the couch with you and watch movies. I’m bored, let’s go together to try something new. I’m a sportsman and I’ve always liked such things.

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