Do you feel that you should be happier ? Perhaps your life from the outside looks pretty good, but you feel a void inside. Look at these reasons why nothing can satisfy you, and also solutions that will help you focus on the joy of life.

8 reasons why nothing in life makes you happy and solutions how to improve it

1. You have an unrealistic perception of happiness

If you have a big car, but you are constantly looking for someone better or you are in love, but focus on the other person’s shortcomings, then you may have accepted someone else’s understanding of how happiness looks like.

Solution: Your ideas are probably coming from movies or your own imagination, when you think of yourself as richer or famous. However, you should not be guided by this and think only of money, position or appearance, but you need to ask yourself in greater detail what is what would really make you happier.

2. Still “living in high school days”

If you have a habit of competing with your neighbors or a feeling you need to own some things just because they have your acquaintances, then it’s a sign that you are still thinking as high school students. It’s natural to want to fit in and feel that you belong somewhere, but this also can lead to being trapped in the feeling that you are rejected or feeling of lesser value, as happens in high school days.

Solution: Try to identify yourself with different people who are related to your goals and your adult life – those who care more about making changes than about material things. It will help you find happiness.

3. Lack of deep connections

If you share your feelings and thoughts with someone, on Facebook or on Twitter, but still feel somehow lonely, your misfortune probably stems from a lack of genuine connections with others. Many people feel exactly like you, but they are waiting for someone else to take the first step.

Solution: Get out and deepen your connections! Invite your acquaintances to lunch or coffee and get to know them better, ask questions about what they want and what matters to them in life. You can also go out to clubs or join some groups that share your interests, such as visiting classes for studying a foreign language.

8 reasons why nothing in life makes you happy and solutions how to improve it

4. Bad memories of the past

If in the past you had low self-esteem and you always feel that you need to prove something, then it’s hard to be happy.

Solution: Look at the past and try to understand where the need for success comes from, and then change your limited beliefs. Once you accept that you are good enough, your ability to happily will rise immediately.

5. Emotional imprisonment

If you think that it’s a weakness to look for help, then you can easily end up with emotions. In such a situation, nothing will be enough to make you happy, because your burden is too difficult.

Solution: Accept the fact that when you refuse help, you only violate your mental and physical health. Look for a therapist or trust a person you trust. When you have someone to support you, the world can become a more comfortable and safer place for you.

6. Fighting addiction

If you are practicing something too much, whether it’s about work, drinking, exercise, food, or anything else, you risk developing addiction that will prevent you from being truly happy.

Solution: Dependencies are usually a protective mechanism that allows you to regulate the unpleasant feeling without proper treatment. Seek out a therapist who can help you understand how this behavior occurs and how you can find healthier alternatives.

8 reasons why nothing in life makes you happy and solutions how to improve it

7. Run by luck

Do you always have the feeling that if you do just one more thing, then will you finally be happy? It could be more money, another home, a new partner, a weaker body … But no matter what it is, you lie if you think that achieving only one more goal can bring you peace. The better mood will only be temporary.

Solution: Find out which past events keep you stuck in a crash. Why do you need external factors to be happy? Find ways and effort to learn how to enjoy simple pleasures.

8. You are not able to provide unconditional love

Finally, if you can not look at the mirror and feel love and acceptance, then it’s no wonder that nothing can make you happy. The way you see yourself has a big role in determining what you are attracted to, and if you practice a negative speech (for example, “I’m not handsome” or “I’ll never be smart as others”), then you just will not you can attract real happiness.

Solution: The most important thing you can do is to discover the source of negativity. Find out what your internal wounds are and work on their treatment. Be careful of yourself, worry, and remind yourself that you do not have to be perfect, but you just have to be good enough!

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