Large, deep folds have generous figures, prominent have strong, and oval sensitive.



It may sound strange to you, but the shape of your folder tells a lot about your personality.

The navel is part of the body that we often do not pay enough attention, but check what it says about you:

Circular folders

The circular deeper folder points to an optimistic personality. You are never afraid of the dark clouds and you always find where the sun is peeping. You are the type of person who, even when hurt, continues to smile because you have learned a lesson from that experience.

You know how to express your thoughts well and communicate greatly with the environment, so your relationships are healthy and stable.

Plus, optimism is contagious, so who would not want to spend time with a person who claims that there is always hope. You may not have good fortune, but compensate for it with your optimistic nature.


Big folders

The big and deep fold is a sign of a generous person. Your generosity knows no boundaries. You are the type of person who, and when, times, would not allow it to negatively affect others.

You are excellent in managing people and how you grow older, you will become all the wiser because of the experiences you will experience in your life.

The only problem you will have is that you start to wonder if it’s worth being unselfish in this selfish world. But when you overcome it, you will realize that the only person to be is who you are.


Tile folders

The shallow and small folder points to people with a dark note in the person. You know how to keep secrets and know how to understand people’s dark side. You lived a lot and this created some distrust towards people in your life, except for your loved ones.

You are mysterious about the things you have seen and the people with whom you have connections and do not trust those you do not know enough, but being skeptical in this world is not a bad feature.


A prominent folder

The bulging folder points to a strong personality. You look stubborn, but the truth is that you firmly believe in your views, which you have formed after a series of serious analyzes.

You want to be the focus of attention, although you may not acknowledge it, because you know your true value and you think you deserve attention because you are.

Love is a problem for you and it will take you a long time before you find someone who really suits your capacity, but once you find it, it will last forever.


Wide folders in the upper part

The large, deep and wide folders in the upper part is the ideal form of a navel and points to a healthy mind. You are bright, energetic and active. You are concentrated on the emotions and motivated by them.

Your enthusiasm is contagious and you carry the secret goal in your heart that you want to fulfill in life. Everything you do will bring you closer to that goal and, although it will take you a long time, you will be able to accomplish it.


Wide folders in the lower part

Contrary to the wide top, the wide down folders point to a person with a low level of energy. But it’s just physical. You do not want a lot of manual work, but you’re great with the intellectual games.

People may call you lazy, but they definitely appreciate your intelligence.

Lazy people find how to do the same thing in an easier way and it’s talent. So enjoy, relax and go on like that.


Oval fold

The navel-shaped navel points to a hyperactive and very sensitive person. You are restless and constantly want to do something. Things get stuck quickly and you are constantly looking for something new.

On the other hand, you are very sensitive. Things are experiencing them deeply and can easily hurt you, but you will never discover it and you will suffer in silence

. This is something you need to work on, but curiosity will always pull you out of the dark night.


Wide folder

The widespread folder points to a person who always has protection. You do not trust anyone easily, but on the other hand, the people you put into your life means that you represent the whole world for you.

You will protect them and give them everything they need. Loyalty and trust are your main characteristics and along with your determination lead you through life.

Your behavior depends on what treatment you receive from others. Give as much as you give and this principle of living works great for you.


A folded in-line “Y” shape

The overturned “Y” form of a folder is rare, but points to people who are behind the scenes and are doing the whole thing. You do not seek fame and glory because you are more aware of your strength.

You stay behind, do your job and keep your success for yourself. You see success as something personal, and also the happiness that you have in anchoring.

You are the type of person that maybe nobody knows, but which affects the lives of many people with its magnificent character and perhaps that’s what matters most.


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