According to some beliefs, it is not at all important whether the money in your wallet will be arranged properly or recklessly pushed. An unkempt wallet blocks the flow of positive energy and thus messes up your finances. Well, if you want to improve your financial situation, we recommend a wallet with carefully arranged money. You must respect the money if you want them to continue to come.


Besides the orderlyness of the wallet, there is one more thing to look out for, which is never to carry (un) paid accounts in it. It draws energy of spending that will make you constantly give money for something. On the other hand, try to have only money and credit or debit cards in the wallet, and place everything else elsewhere.

As for the color, just like the colors of the clothes or the walls in the home, so on the wallet can play a big role in your financial situation. Well, if you want to fully utilize this Feng Shui trick, beware of the meaning of the following colors and choose the one that really suits your character – who knows, maybe that’s what you needed to finally make more money!


Black and blue – the colors of the element of water. They are associated with wealth, especially black that has the incredible power to draw money into your wallet. Each time you open it for any payment, it will give you a positive feeling and will call you treasure.

Red – the color of the element fire. It is considered to be the happiest color, though many consider it too overwhelming when it comes to a wallet, it can help you keep it full if you are big consumers.

Green – the color of the element tree. It is also related to the growth and the positive side of life. Green also causes wealth and is great for those who are still beginning to earn.

Yellow, brown and cream – the colors of the element earth. These colors have the power to provide you with financial stability and help save you a penny. If you are big consumers, the best option for you is the brown wallet.

White, gray, silver or gold – the colors of the metal element. These colors can also keep your wealth, making it more stable and lasting. Gold is always associated with luxury, so if you choose this wallet color, it can bring you a luxurious life.

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