The vagina is associated with many misunderstandings, myths and rumors. And even we who have this authority are sometimes confused by many false news. Whether you have a vagina or not, there are some myths in which you should stop believing. Below are some of the most common misunderstandings and discover the truth behind them.

1. Your vulva is your vagina

Whether you have male or female reproductive organs, everyone has a misunderstanding that the vulva (small and large lips) is the vagina. The vagina is actually the channel leading to your uterus.

2. There is a “perfect” vagina

Actually there is, and that’s yours. Regardless of the color, the hair, the size of the clitoris and the lips, your vagina is perfect as it is. Many girls are worried about whether their sexual organs look “normal”. The answer is yes. If you really care, you can ask a few questions to your gynecologist.

3. You need to clean the interior

Vagina is an organ that cleans itself. This means that you need to get rid of the sprays and the warts because they will further disturb the pH of the vagina than they will clear the vagina. If you really want to clean it, eat foods that are good for her health, like yogurt and cranberry.

4. The material of the underwear is not important

According to gynecologists around the world, the best thing you can wear is 100% cotton. Not a mixture of cotton or polyester tangue, but pure cotton. Cotton underwear allows the vagina to “breathe”, prevents moisture from becoming, and thus reduces the risk of fungal infections.

5. You may lose something “up there”

It really can not happen. Theoretically it is possible to clutter something in your vagina, but it will not go to the other part of the body. If you come in a situation when something gets stuck inside (condom, a buffer, and so on) there’s something to do. Breathe deeply and relax. If you can not take it yourself, seek the help of your gynecologist. There is nothing terrible about it.

6. The vagina can be expanded

In fact, although it’s hard to believe, the vagina is very elastic. Whatever enters it, from sex toys, male sex organs, fingers, up to pads and the like, it will not expand. None of these things has a lasting impact on the elasticity of the vagina. In addition, keep in mind that the birth takes place through the vagina, and it returns to the original size again.

7. You need to have an orgasm during sex

When it comes to sex, you do not need to see what you should do, but what makes you happy. If you do not experience orgasm, it’s completely normal and does not mean that something is wrong with you or with your vagina.

8. You should smell wonderful

The vagina should smell like a vagina. If you notice a stronger smell than usual, it may be an infection and you should visit a doctor. Some people think that food can affect the scent of the vagina, but that’s something that you can only check. However, accept your natural fragrance, it is unique.

9. Vaginal discharge is “nasty” and abnormal

Vaginal discharge is quite normal. It is a sign that everything is fine, and sometimes it shows the stage in which your menstrual cycle is. Just like the smell, if you notice a more severe discharge than usual, it’s better to talk to your gynecologist.

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