The colorful New Year’s Christmas tree has become a symbol of this holiday all over the world. Surely you regularly whiten the Christmas tree this time, but did you know that decorating the evergreen tree is a custom that dates back to the time of Old Rome?

Wonderful Russian legend about firing the tree: What symbolizes the star on the top of the tree?

There are several theories about how the whipping of the Christmas tree is popularized. In ethnological records, this custom is considered pagan, and the evergreen tree served as a reminder that winter will pass and spring will spring again. It is believed that the Germans introduced the fir tree to the Americans and Canadians back in the 19th century. However, the Russians have one legend that hides the main reason for firming the Christmas tree in Russian tradition.

When Jesus Christ was born into a cave in Bethlehem, heaven opened, and the whole world silenced to see the birth of the Savior. One unique shining star in heaven led the three sages from the East to the Mother of God and her son who was supposed to save mankind. The sages worshiped the future Savior and brought their gifts. Then the shepherds arrived, and they worshiped offering their presents.

Above the cave grew 3 trees: pine, cedar and fir tree. Knowing how important the moment they are attending, the trees wanted and they gave something to the newborn Jesus and join the celebration in which the whole world participated.

Then, the cedar shook its branches and before his cave fell his pins filled with the whole place with a wonderful scent. Boer squeezed its branches and on the ground fell the most beautiful cones that could have ignited the fire and warm the place for the little Jesus and his mother.

The little Christmas tree wept bitterly. She would not have given any scented pins or warm cones. She had nothing valuable to give and she was very sad about it. The bright star in the sky saw the tears of the tree. She was deeply touched by the sincere sadness of this modest tree that had nothing to give to little Jesus, and she sent a small star to descend to the very top of the tree. Then the fir tree shone with the starry light, illuminating the entire end and worshiping it, lowered the asterisk in front of the cave so that the whole world could see that the future savior of humanity lay here.

In honor of this Russian legend, in the Russian churches even today the Christmas tree is harvested before Christmas. According to the beliefs, the star that is traditionally placed at the top of the tree is the Bethlehem star that led the three sages to the stable in which Jesus Christ was born. Gifts that are placed under the Christmas tree also remind us of Christ’s birth because it is the greatest gift given to people.

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