With the arrival of the new year, you certainly want to rebuild your life, so you make countless New Year’s decisions. But you, like most people, probably forget about these decisions in just one month, so your “new” life becomes identical to that before the New Year.


Maybe the problem is not in you. Perhaps you are bored to constantly make the same New Year’s decisions every year. Certainly you know some – to exercise more, to lose weight, to eat healthier … So why not violate the rules this year and try a new decision? Make something fun, creative, interesting. See some suggestions for new and creative New Year’s decisions.

1. Look at 10 movies directed by women

If most of the movies that you have seen are American, 95% of them are directed by men, and 99% of them have the same role as the same men. But why is this important?

“The stories are the way we understand the world and our place in it. With their help we develop empathy for people who have had experiences other than ours, ” said actress Naomi McDougall Jones.

Studies have shown that the movies you see have an impact on your career choices, your relationships, your mental health, and many more things. Well, try to look at movies directed by women to see how your perspective will change.

2. Choose a person you disagree with and take it to lunch

We all judge those who do not think like us. As a result, we do not see their humanity, but we focus on differences. Can you remember someone you judge just because there is a different opinion from you? Invite him to lunch. Of course, before you meet, set some rules – none of you will cause, defend, or interrupt. Be curious and realistic. And of course, listen to what that person has to say to you. When Elizabeth Leser did this, she and her interlocutor realized that they actually had respect for one another.

“Neither of us tried to change the other, but we also did not pretend that our differences would disappear. Instead, we made the first steps together and overcome the hasty reactions. “

3. Plan yourself to be bored once a week

If your brain is constantly occupied, you are likely to miss out on some of the best ideas.

“When you are bored, you activate a network in your brain that is called ‘standard’. This mode helps us to bridge our ideas and solve some of the most difficult problems. Sometimes we do something called autobiographical planning. This is when we look at our lives, pay attention to the great moments, create personal narration and set goals and plans for their achievement, ” said Monaus Zamorodi.

Well, leave your smartphone and make it time for doing nothing.

4. Write in with someone from the prison

Sometimes it takes only one letter to change one’s life. When Marlon Peterson was in prison, he began to receive letters full of stories and drawings by children. These letters made him feel important. He also shared the letters and drawings with the people who were in his cell. Now the three prisoners are really successful people. Marlon says they owe it to the letters.

“My sense of value has increased. Those letters showed me how I can contribute to this planet. “

Once a month, get together with a few friends and write letters for prisoners. Your words may be a necessary motivation and hope for someone to completely change their lives.

5. Do one thing that scares you, knowing that you will be rejected

Want to overcome the fear of rejection? Simply expose yourself to it. 30 days search for a new way to get rejected. Do what the author Jia Jiang did. Ask a gratis hamburger in the sandwich or ask for 100 euros for a foreigner. In the end you will get rid of the pain that comes with refusal, the pain that does not allow you to achieve your goals.

“The denial was my problem all my life because I ran away from him. But I started to accept it. I turned it into the greatest gift of my life. “

6. Talk to a stranger every week

It’s easy to get stuck in a routine and forget the people around you. This year, devote yourself to talking to strangers, whether it’s a person waiting for you in a queue, someone you see every morning when you go to work or a parent from your child’s school. Even just one “Hello” or “How You Are Today” can make your day more beautiful and make the other person feel.

“When talking to strangers, you make beautiful interruptions in the expected narration in your everyday lives,” said Kio Stark.

You will be surprised at how many new and unexpected connections you can make.

7. Celebrate some failure with friends

Many of the most famous stories of success start with a risky idea. But very often the fear of failure does not allow us to try to do something. So why not accept this fear? Think of a moment when you’ve experienced a really big setback, and then celebrate it. This will encourage you to follow even the craziest ideas and stop worrying about what others will say if you fail. Invite a few friends to dinner and celebrate the failure. Make all the fun and try to see what you can accomplish when you’re not afraid of failure.

8. Tell the “Yes” for everything for the whole month

Try this interesting experiment. Tell “Yes” for everything that scares you. Raise your hand and accept a new job project. Keep a public speech about a problem that is bothering you. Go to the kickboxing class for a long time to avoid it. When producer Shonda Reims decided to yell “Yes” to things that made her nervous, she went far beyond her comfortable zone.

“Just doing something that scares me has made me disappear the fear of the same. ‘Yes’ changed my life. ‘Yes,’ he changed me. ‘

9. Buy fruits and vegetables that do not look perfect

Do you go to the store and review the products until you find the one without blemish? Our desire for perfect food leads to tons of foods that are thrown away. A whole third of the food is actually thrown.

“It’s not about broken food. He throws food that is good and fresh, ” said activist Tristram Steward.

This year try to buy fruits and vegetables that are not perfect. And they are just as good for eating, and in this way you will help reduce food waste.

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