After the stressful celebrations, it’s time to lie in bed and lie with your partner.


According to a recent survey, loving couples will have the biggest chance of conceiving a baby tonight at 22:00 and 36 minutes.

The survey was conducted in the UK, where the most common day of baby birth is September 26th, which is 38 weeks after January 2nd, as the average pregnancy lasts.

¬†Fertility experts claim that it is a combination of the desire for a “September” baby that will be at the perfect age to start the school year, plus the practice of making love this day as a way to cure the hangover of New Year’s celebrations.


Of course, fertilization is not so easy and we do not know if statistics in Macedonia are the same, so it does not mean that if you have sex this evening, it will really happen.

But when research says the chance is greater, why not try, do not you?

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