French President Emanuel Macron warned that the tone of the commentary on the United States, Israel and Syria about Iran is almost like “to lead us to war”.

It is stated that Makron also said that it is important to hold a dialogue with Iran.

The president of France said that he would visit Iran only if peace and respect for human freedoms were restored there.

The United States wants to gather “good information” to allow sanctions against individuals and organizations in Iran involved in the demolition of demonstrators, US President Donald Tramp, an unnamed US administration official, said Reuters.

It is alleged that an official who insisted on anonymity said that the Tramp administration’s intention was to gather this information “and to include them in our (US) machinery for imposing sanctions.”

German Foreign Minister Zigmarsh Gabriel said Germany is worried about the escalation of the situation in Iran, Reuters reports.

It is alleged that Gabriel told journalists this during a visit to Ukraine.

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard proclaimed the end of anti-government riots that began in Iran on Thursday and killed 20 people, and shortly after Blumberg conveyed this news, Reuters issued a statement by the Revolutionary Guard that in the conflicts in the city of Piranshahr in the west Three Iranian intelligence forces were killed.

The announcement originally published by the Iranian agency Mehr stated that three intelligence officers were killed “in the fight against anti-revolutionary elements”, but it is not specified whether this account was related to anti-government protests in Iran.

Blumberg had previously announced that the Revolutionary Guard had declared the end of anti-government clashes.

Enemies should be aware that threats to the defense and security of Iran are no longer functioning, “the ISNA state agency said, referring to the Revolutionary Guards Commander Mohamed Ali Jafari.

Today there was no news of the new protests in Tehran, where the police presence was high, while pro-government demonstrations took place in other Iranian cities.

Hundreds of people were arrested as part of anti-riot measures, which began Thursday in protest in the city of Maskhad against the economic policies of President Hasan Rohany, who advocates closer ties with the West.

The riots, however, have since extended to other cities, and protesters have begun to protest against the wider religious and political establishment, and even against the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Hamnei.

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