Many are wondering what is the secret of a happy marriage. We often hear about women discussing this topic, but men, especially those in marriage, almost do not mention it. Because of this, several men share their secrets of a happy marriage. Read them and you may learn something new.

1. Discuss everything to understand, not to win

“When you argue with your partner, the goal is not to win. The goal is to find a solution to a problem. “

2. Be individually complete people

“The strongest ties are between two strong and happy people who have merged. And not between two broken people who depend on one another for their happiness. “

3. Creativity is crucial

“Be creative. Every idiot can love your wife. This does not mean anything. Instead, use your creativity to improve her life. For example, my wife has a problem sleeping. I have encyclopedic knowledge about old computer games. Well, whenever we go to bed, I play one of these games while she sees. I choose games that are really boring, so that she can fall asleep. “

4. Be a priority on one another

“This is something I learned from the marriage of my parents. They always put their relationship in the first place. “

5. Get rid of selfishness

“Always keep in mind what you need to do to improve your marriage, and not for your sake. It may be that you do not spend money on yourself, move for her job, or choose a location from where it will be easier for her to go to work. “

6. Respect your wife and marriage

“Never tell jokes about wife and marriage in public.”

7. Oral sex

“Let this be your hobby in which you will be the best. Help your wife to enjoy pleasure. “

8. Support yourself

“Follow her even when she is wrong. Help her and give her advice. There will be days when, no matter what you say, she will do what she has imagined. In those days, hold her by the hand and support her. “

9. Cook together

“Learn to cook. It’s not that hard, and you’ll have fun too. You will be really happy when your wife asks you to prepare her favorite meal. “

10. Recall your commitment

“In difficult times, which will surely have them, recall that in this you are together and that you have to endure the start of the beautiful period. Tell this out loud. “

11. Talk every day

“When you return home, ask her the day. Let her express it. Then do the same thing to you. “

12. Allow yourself to express yourself without trying to help

“When your wife tells you about a problem, do not offer solutions right away. Let her tell you first what disturbs her. Boys want to solve problems and usually discuss them when they are looking for a solution. But women want empathy and hearing, and only then suggestions for resolution. “

13. Be faithful

“Never disappoint your wife. Do not flirt with other women. Even if you go to dinner with a friend, tell your wife from respect for her, not to seek permission. Do not lie to her. “

14. Keep an eye on the money

“Save money for the future to make it easier for you. Do not spend them on stupid things. Run aside a certain amount of money and talk about how you will use it. “

15. Choose your battles

“Do not insult. Quit the small things. If she wants to wear a tie, and you do not, it’s better to put the tie and avoid the quarrel. “

16. Show attention

“Hug yourself without sex. Hug it. Kiss it on your neck when cooking. Tell her more often than not. “

17. Be the best friends

“Romanticism and sex are great, but be good friends. This will really make your marriage fun and easy. Marriage with little work and with the right person is an incredible experience. “

18. Remember that it is important too

“It’s important. When you come home and she starts to tell you about her day, leave the phone or the computer and listen to it. Make it feel like it’s the only thing that matters to you. Do not interrupt while talking. Do nice things for her for which you need labor. And after many years, you need to find a way to show it is important to you. “

19. Keep your individuality

“Take the time for yourself. Order dinner with friends only. Find a hobby and practice it regularly. You are a person, not Siamese twins. There is no need to do everything together. “

20. Kiss it real

“If you kiss her, do it right with your whole being. Always kiss it real because it’s the simplest way to show it you want it. “

21. Make an important decision before you start – get in touch with the right person

“I and my wife have been together for almost a decade. We went through a lot and I do not think they would be here if it was not her patience. Well, my advice is to find a person who can deal with your worst side as you ripen and learn how to be a man. “

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